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Approach Overview

Approach Overview

Enosis is equipped and well positioned to proactively adopt any of the popular development methodologies and practices for software development including Waterfall, Incremental, Agile (XP/Scrum), Spiral, Rational Unified Process (RUP), and Time boxing based on client's requirements and nature of the project.

The dynamic and competitive ambiance of today's world compels the Independent Software Vendors (ISV) to focus on quality, time-to-market, product transformation, frequent releases and product sustenance simultaneously. This has necessitated frequent espousal of Agile Methodology to manage and control product development using iterative and incremental practices. Our embracement of Agile provides the opportunity to leverage time, release quick prototypes, ensure rapid development and eliminate redundant documentation.

Enosis has successfully managed to overcome the challenges faced in working with an Agile team by combining innovative collaborative methods, adaptive processes, applications, tools and management techniques.


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