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Development Methodology

Aspects of our Software Development Methodology


  • Start test cycles early
  • Make 100% test coverage easier to attain
  • Incremental addition of complexity


  • Progress rate can be measured early in the process
  • Delivery of working software is repeated several times within a release
  • Progress can be measured without requiring faith in the method itself


  • Shorter cycles force engineers to automate builds, unit tests and deployments
  • Repeating the same process several times within the release cycle increases accuracy

Discernible benefits of our development process

  • Team communication is structured around short meetings and more disciplined use of tracking and wiki systems including SharePoint, Confluence, JIRA etc.
  • Product requirements and design processes are more intense and detailed
  • Design and code review processes utilize more automation and asynchronous steps
  • Product release processes are included to bring quality products to market - not only applications to users
  • Product maintenance and support processes are included to cover the complete Software Performance Engineering (SPE) lifecycle
  • Simple implementation due to wrapping existing engineering practices (Extreme Programming, RUP, etc.)
  • 80-20 Agile-Waterfall infrastructure
  • Clearly documented work practices
  • Simple but effective tools

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