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Development Platform

Development Platform

Enosis Solutions has adopted an integrated suite of tools and systems that aids product development by tracking issues and facilitating end-to-end collaboration during the Requirements Engineering, Iteration Planning and Release, Test Engineering, and Release Engineering processes. Our product development platform consists of:

Management Tools

When developing a product for wide distribution, especially in a rapidly changing environment, effective management tools can be the difference between success and failure. We use the following lifecycle management tools to cover the below mentioned functional areas:

Requirements ManagementProject ManagementDocument/Content Management
SharePointMS ProjectSharePoint
Source RepositoriesBuild ManagementTest Management
SubversionR2 buildMantis
Test Track Pro

Microsoft's SharePoint™ (a flexible workflow and tracking system) forms the core of our product lifecycle management. SharePoint's extreme configurability and extensibility make it ideal for product engineering management because it is a one-stop management tool. All entities that need to be measured, tracked or collaborated upon reside in this database, providing a single, web-based system that all team members can access.

Thought Sharing Platform

Many product team members hold significant intellectual property and critical knowledge in their heads. This can pose a serious threat to a technology company in the event that the employee's status changes, either through departure or other circumstances. While this reality cannot be entirely avoided, we have incorporated a world-class communication and collaboration mechanism that enables engineers to quickly share their knowledge instead of storing it in their heads or creating documents that are seldom read. Enosis leverages Confluence, JIRA, Redmine, Mantis etc. a "Thought Sharing" platform that enables communication and collaboration through voice media, wiki, charts, reports and graphics.

Automated CM & Testing Tools

Enosis' test automation tools cover unit, integration, regression and load testing needs. A combination of method, component, protocol and browser or client simulation techniques is vital to delivering a quality software product to market without embarrassing defects. Open source and proprietary tools such as Subversion, VSS, TFS, R2 build and CruiseControl are leveraged to provide a best-of-breed CM and build management platform. Enosis' automation and quick integration allow greater efficiency and enable team members to quickly communicate on the status of a product as it is incrementally built.


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