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Career Development

Career Development

We provide opportunities for all our people to pursue their career goals, develop professionally and maintain a healthy balance between their professional and personal lives. We're committed to our people because we recognize that our strength comes from their energy and passion. At Enosis, we provide you opportunities to work for many Fortune 500 companies, multiple technologies and a full product design cycle. We choose each position carefully and entrust you with suitable responsibilities as you achieve milestones. At every stage in your career, you gain new credentials that will prepare you for your next position.

Our 180-degree/360-degree appraisal method provides feedback from the peers, subordinates, manager and superiors that will help in your professional growth and overall development. Our open-minded approach will bring out the best in you and help decide your position through a fair and open merit method.

As the company has shown high growth, there has been a constant need to change various processes and systems in the company. Along with this, there has been a need to consistently develop, reinforce and retain the right culture given the specific context of this industry and its workforce. Hence, Enosis decided to transcend these challenges to create a vibrant, value-driven workplace, with a high focus on the 4 "e"s:

e-mpowering the employees by providing them maximum access to key information, interfaces and resources, an ability to share their views and impact their own as well as the organization's future.

e-nabling people to manage their jobs and personal transactions smoothly, speedily, efficiently and independently.

e-nergizing the organization's internal environment with a positive energy in a way that makes each and every employee feel energized and charged up about life.

e-ngaging employees so that they develop a sense of bonding with the company, its values and ethos as well as its constituents.


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