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Back-end BPO

Business Process Outsourcing

In its third decade, Business process outsourcing (BPO) is now being called upon to offer greater value to clients seeking competitive differentiation in a brutally competitive global business environment.

The BPO industry is moving to a cost-plus-value proposition focused on delivering strategic business impact and has become an accepted management practice across most leading industries and at the same time, becoming more complex, going deeper into the value chains.

Enosis Solutions’ industry specific business process outsourcing services addresses client’s sales challenges with solutions customized for client’s specific industry to help to deliver results.

We draw on our experience of business insight, innovation, streamlined operations, reduced costs and industry expertise to provide clients precise contacts to propel their sales productivity to new heights. Our multi-tiered lead gathering methodology coupled with our cold-calling techniques, organizes massive unstructured prospect data from the web while ensuring accelerated "speed to results."

This enables clients expand their core business competencies, improve operating performance and enter emerging niches and markets, providing a competitive advantage in today’s economy. Together with our high-yielding BPO services, clients can significantly capture greater business value and build new competitive strengths in the current market and beyond.


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