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Software products being developed for global clientele compels ISVs to rapidly and economically translate their products into clients' native languages. Enosis' localization services enable software product companies to cost-effectively deliver quality products to clients located all around the globe without having to hire or manage a dedicated localization team.

Enosis provides an exhaustive portfolio of software adaptation services to its clients. Our QA engineers meticulously test the keyboard shortcuts, look and feel, data display and compatibility of the software products that are localized to ensure optimal client satisfaction by ensuring product quality.

For software adaptation we:

  • Extract and localize strings
  • Update graphic elements (screenshots, UIs, fonts, etc.)
  • Enable run-time language switching
  • Resize and rearrange dialog controls
  • Rebuild resource files
  • Correctly format dates and times, currency values, and decimal numbers

Enosis is capable and possess extensive experience of localizing a wide variety of software products using a broad array of technologies and programming languages, including Microsoft C++, .NET, C#, embedded systems, WPF, HTML and other Web technologies. Our team leverages the following platform-specific technologies to make localization faster and more efficient:

  • Localized resources for C, C++ and VC++ Projects
  • Localized resources in Satellite assemblies and XML -based layouts for Visual Basic, .NET, and ASP/ASPX platforms
  • Tailored localization solutions enabling users to change the localized string "on the fly" without requiring to reinstall and rebuild the software


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