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Migration & Porting Overview

Migration & Porting


Today the software industry is characterized by tremendous competition to acquire the largest possible customer base. Companies are forced to offer their software in all available platforms and to adapt new software technologies as soon as they're available. To provide end users with solutions across multiple platforms, software companies put much time and effort into migrating and porting their products. This endeavor can require a huge investment in resources and can cause major challenges in product support.

Migration Roadmap

Our Migration Roadmap is dynamic and is customized based on Client Context and Factors like:

  • Nature and size of application
  • Application architecture
  • Business impact and priority
  • Constraints like cost, scheduling, etc.
In addition, we provide an accurate account of applications affected by the migration, migration issues by count and severity, well outlined delivery plan and cost model to complete the migration to ensure absolute transparency and accountability.


Enosis' range of migration software services include:

  • Porting software to specific platform or OS (Operating System)
  • Migration between programming languages
  • Migration between runtime platforms and application servers
  • Migration between toolkits and technologies
  • Proprietary architecture to open, standards-based architecture
  • Database and data format migration (e.g., SQL Server, Oracle, DB2)
  • Pre .NET-to-.NET migration

Our well-evolved migration methodology covers all phases of the migration/& porting process, from impact analysis to deployment and testing. The key steps in our migration strategy:

  • Needs analysis
  • Risks analysis
  • Planning
  • Library definition customization and version control
  • Build system and code migration
  • Comprehensive testing and debugging


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