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SolidWorks Development

SolidWorks Development

Enosis is a SolidWorks Research Associate specializing in all types of SolidWorks programming and software development, from simple custom commands and applets to full scale application development. As a Research Associate, we enjoy the privilege of receiving telephone support from SolidWorks in connection with developing, testing, marketing, distributing and supporting products. Moreover we have access to the SolidWorks API developers' room with other SolidWorks Partners.

Enosis' SolidWorks services include:

Gold Partner Integration for SolidWorks

The SolidWorks API is a powerful tool for integrating applications into SolidWorks, but doing the job right still takes special knowledge and skill. You are no longer required to have your busy technical people spend their valuable time mastering the nuances of the SolidWorks API when we've already honed our API skills to a fine, professional edge. We've worked closely with the SolidWorks API staff to improve our knowledge of SolidWorks API for large scale application integration, so we know how to use its considerable strengths to integrate even the most complex CAD/CAE products. Let our expertise save you time and money.

OpenGLĀ® Graphics Programming

Enosis has extensive experience integrating OpenGL graphics into the SolidWorks environment. From simple rotations to complex texture mapping, we know how to avoid the traps and pitfalls that can slow your graphics to a crawl or turn your model into a lifeless black blob. Make your application scream, not your customers. Leverage our experience with OpenGL animation techniques to add world-class visualization capabilities to your SolidWorks application.


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