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Web Application Development

Enosis Solutions also focuses on quality web application development. We cater to each client's specific needs by building custom web applications that are easier to use, cost-effective, attractive to look at, ensures a significant return on investment, tailored to address your industry standards and built to give a competitive edge over others in your marketplace. Moreover the use of our custom web based software helps you to achieve high level of usability and functionality.

Service Highlights

  • Creating web service applications that provide scalable services due to a well thought and carefully designed architecture
  • Reassurance about the security of our web applications because we use secure protocols like SSL and HTTPS when required. We encrypt all sensitive data before storing it in the database, which are later decrypted before presenting it to the respective end-users
  • Thin client applications that are easy to deploy throughout an organization and allow for real-time updates to clients
  • Browser-based applications that allow sharing data company-wide via the Internet or company Intranet
  • Database-driven website applications that enable centrally located data to be shared across multiple locations
  • Applications with cross-platform compatibility (i.e., Windows, Mac, Linux, etc.) and can be easily integrated into other web procedures
  • Broad cross-industry experience, which allows us to quickly understand and optimize business processes
  • Strong focus on business requirements and ROI
  • Extensive project management experience and an eye for details
  • Experienced Web application development team with knowledge of latest technologies
  • Well-defined development methodologies for timely delivery, budget control and overall success
  • Easy adaptability of custom Web applications to enable quick response to changing business conditions

Web Application Development Workflow of Enosis Solutions


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